Date: February 15-16, 2019

Venue: Boğaziçi University, Demir Demirgil Auditorium & Özger Arnas Hall

Invited Speakers: Nilüfer Şener & Serkan Şener

Workshops: TID/Turkish Sign Language Workshop

BUSCTEL offers a forum for young researchers working in any area of theoretical and experimental linguistics to present their research. This year, we introduced posters and flash presentations to BUSCTEL. They are semi-casual sessions for students who would like to present their paper ideas, problems in their ongoing analysis, questions on a topic that they would like to work on etc.


Invited: Nilüfer Şener---
Işıl Doğan, Orhan Ilhan, Nurgül Arslan, Ayşe Doğan, Ezgi Sarıdaş & Aslı Aktan-ErciyesEffects of L2-English on first L1 Narrative Skills
Özlem ErgelenInformatıon Structure in Turkish Nominal Phrases
Onur KeleşAssessing and Comparing Verbal Fluency in Turkish Sign Language and Turkish
Elvan Tamyürek Özparlak, Burcu Saral & Noyan DokudanTID/Turkish Sign Language Workshop
Kağan Yasin Porsuk & Tilbe GöksunVeya and Ya Da: Marking the distinction between the inclusive and exclusive disjunctive "or" in Turkish language
Mehmet İlteriş BozkurtOn Nominalizers in Turkish Embedded Clauses
Invited: Serkan Şener---
Hande SevgiThe (non)effects of the age of acquisition of TİD: Evidence from classifiers and argument expressions
Gökben KonukContribution of grammatical function and semantic role to discourse prominence: Evidence from language comprehension and language production in Turkish
Assem Amirzhanova & Elena GuerzoniKazakh Es-Words are Strict Negative Concord Items
Utku TürkIs Accusative Case Really the Case?
Ecenur ÇağırıcıL2 Comprehension in bilinguals after translating into L1 and L2


Word Association Analysis In Different Proficiency Levels, Gizem Yolcu & Seda Demirel

IAC Model Using Word to Vector Similarities as Base Weights, Salih Fırat Canpolat, Mustafa Özaydın, Enis Dönmez & Ece Cağlayan

A Language Surviving in a Village in Turkey: Siberian Tatar Language, Mert Vanlıoğlu

An Investigation on the Forms of Negation in Turkish: Towards a Formal Representation, Tuğçe Nur Bozkurt

The Acquisition of L2 Turkish Evidentiality, Oylum Savlak, Buse Şentürk & Helin Toptancı